Duckweed Bio

Duckweed Bio

Organic and Non-GMO

Our mission is to address global food security and safety, green house gas emissions, and water remediation in an environmentally sustainable system promoting social equity


Agrifood technology company with a mission to help farmers and the world
  • With an organic bio stimulant fertilizer to increase crop yields, reduce CO2 footprint and to clean surface water.
  • Providing high nutrient value, organic and non-GMO feed solutions to cattle, poultry, and aquaculture industries.

Duckweed Bio has developed a sustainable organic biostimulant, using a proprietary scalable platform to address the increasing demand for sustainable food due to a growing world population and to meet the growing need for organic and non-GMO products in agriculture.

Duckweed Bio is developing organic and sustainable high nutrient value feed solution for the food industry by producing higher quality substitute for full fat soybeans meal, fishmeal and alfalfa.


Co-Founder Dr. Paul Greenberg Cordero, spent 25 plus years working around the world in agriculture and biotechnology space, developed a passion to address food security challenges and climate change by developing sustainable and scalable technologies.

After years of research, Duckweed Bio was born in 2021. Based in Florida, currently conducting a mini pilot, with ambition to increase crop yields without the dependence on chemical-based products in a carbon negative environment while cleaning surface water.


We are producing organic, biological and non-GMO organisms in ecological-safe systems.

We will also reduce carbon footprint and sequestrate other greenhouse gases on our proprietary hydroponics that, in parallel, will clean water via phytoremediation.


We use environmentally safe extraction processes to maximize yield and improve product quality.

In addition, we are a zero-residue with no by-products.

Key advantages


With a capacity to remove 48 metric tons of carbon per hectare per year, Duckweed Bio is a challenger for the Elon Musk $100m Carbon Removal prize.


Combined 50+ years of experience in high-tech agricultural, product formulation and development. We also increased plant capacity of absorbing water, nutrients, and greenhouse gases, preventing the environmental contamination reducing the consumption of fertilizers and maximizing the end yield.

Lowering production costs

Lower cost of production in comparison to other available organic biostimulants fertilizers on the market

Higher biostimulant and plant nutrition

Our product contains higher organic plant nutrient values than any other products on the market that includes bio-available chelated components

Key points

Why our methods are eco-friendly


Proprietary hydroponics growth and nutrition system that will clean water “Phytoremediation” runoff nutrient rich water and agriculture surface wastewater

Carbon negative

Environmentally safe extraction process to maximize SSAP’s yield, improve quality of the product, 100% residue free with no-carbon emission

Chelated nutrients

Chelated (organically bonded) nutrients enhance absorption by plants and prevent lixiviation (washing) to avoid contamination of ground water and runoffs compared to other products in the market

Attention to climate change

Carbon sequestration and contribute to mitigate climate change